Friday, February 29, 2008

TudorCast #21- February 2008

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Internet Archive Text collection "The Chronicle of England During the Reign of the Tudors" Part One and Part Two

Elizabeth I's New Year's Gifts rolls website

Lyrics to "Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite”

Come again,
sweet love doth now invite,
thy graces that refrain
to do me due delight.
To see, to hear,
to touch, to kiss,
to die with thee again
in sweetest sympathy

Come again,
that I may cease to mourn
through thy unkind disdain
for now left and forlorn.
I sit, I sigh,
I weep, I faint,
I die, in deadly pain
and endless misery

Gentle love,
draw forth thy wounding dart:
Thou canst not pierce her heart;
For I that do approve.
By sighs an d tears
more hot than are
thy shafts, did tempt while she
for scanty tryumphs laughs

Music from
La Primavera, The Dufay Collective (album "Cancionero") and Jacob Heringman (album "Jane Pickeringes Lute Book")

Intro - "Greensleeves" by La Primavera on "English Renaissance Music"
After news - "A Toye" (Track 2) - Jacob Heringman on "Jane Pickeringes Lute Book"
After "This Month" - "A Country Dance" - Jacob Heringman on "Jane Pickeringes Lute Book"
After glossary - "Almaine by Francis Cuttinge" (excerpt) - Jacob Heringman on "Jane Pickeringes Lute Book"
Text - “Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite” by John Dowland, performed by La Primavera.
After closing - "De dos la mer" by The Dufay Collective on "Cancionero"

Episode Transcript

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