Friday, November 02, 2007

Tudor survey and contest give-away wrap-up

I just sent off emails to the 5 randomly chosen winners of the give-away for merchandise from "The Tudors" television series, so if you entered, keep an eye on your email!

I'll post the outcome of the survey later today.... some interesting results. Only seven people of 213 admitted to Tudor tattoos. :)

Updated to add: Just in case anyone was interested in how the winners were chosen... I pasted the email addresses into an Excel spreadsheet, so there was a number for each address. Then I went to and had it generate 5 numbers in the range that the addresses covered (1 to 185, I think). And that's how they were chosen. If it had been less than 100, I might have gone the "slips of paper" route, but I really didn't feel like cutting nearly 200 email address out!

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