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TudorCast #12 - May 2007

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Picture of Henry VIII and Wives in the eye of a needle:

Lyrics/poem "When to her lute Corina sings" by Thomas Campion

WHEN to her lute Corinna sings,
Her voice revives the leaden strings,
And doth in highest notes appear,
As any challenged echo clear;
But when she doth of mourning speak,
E’en with her sighs, the strings do break,

And as her lute doth live or die,
Led by her passion, so must I:
For when of pleasure she doth sing,
My thoughts enjoy a sudden spring,
But if she doth of sorrow speak,
E’en from my heart the strings do break.

Image of the 1601 sheet music of the song at Luminarium

Music from

La Primavera, The Dufay Collective (album "Cancionero" and "L'Estampida") and Jacob Herringman (album "Blame Not My Lute")

Individual tracks:

Introduction: "Greensleeves" (excerpt) from La Primavera

Between the news and This Month in Tudor History: "Estampie Real: La Septime" from The Dufay Collection (album "A L'Estampida")

Between This Month and the Tudor History Glossary: "The Division of Rogero Before" from Jacob Heringman

Between Glossary and the FAQ: "Secaronme los pesares" from The Dufay Collection (album "Cancionero")

Between the FAQ and text section: "The Owld Man" from Jacob Heringman

Text song: "When to her lute Corina sings" from La Primavera

End of podcast: "Oxenford" from La Primavera

Episode transcript

Direct mp3 download

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