Sunday, March 25, 2007

TudorCast #10 - March 2007

This month's featured website is The Lady Jane Grey Internet Museum

Music from, artists La Primavera, The Dufay Collective and Jacob Herringman (album "Blame Not My Lute")

Episode transcript

Direct mp3 download

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lara, I continue to enjoy your podcast each and every month. It jumps right to the top my listening list as soon as it arrives through my iTunes subscription. May I ask for one quick favor? Could you post the name of the lovely song you played at the end of this month's podcast? I searched for it on under the artists you listed in the show notes, but I had trouble finding it. Thanks so much!

Lara said...

Glad you like the podcast!

Yeah, I really need to be better about listing the exact tracks I use in the music breaks... I think I've managed to do it only once so far!

The final song this month is "Recercata segunda", which is Track 18 on the La Primavera album. I'm not sure why I haven't used that one before, since it is really nice! Just missed it on my first pass of music choices, I guess.

finley said...

Thank you so much for the Tudor podcasts, Lara. I'm new to your site and will now be a loyal listener. Two friends and I drove from NYC to Providence for the Easter weekend and listened to your podcasts all the way. Keep up the good work- it's very much appreciated...

Lara said...

Thanks finley! I can't believe you didn't get sick of hearing my voice by the end of your trip! :)